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I’m Reloy Jack
This is how Italy became my story…

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I grew up like many other Italian-Americans: helping Nonna cut the mozzarella in our pizzeria, consuming pasta on Sundays, and gaining from Nonno the best ways to grow the best tomatoes. Life was simple. My only real concern was if I would ever understand the insane Sicilian dialect that was being spoken throughout the house.

Family life was great until 2002 when everything changed. That year I lost my father to cancer. It was through him that our household had actually been blessed to be part of this Italian community. So, not only did I lose him, I lost a part of my culture.

After his loss I grieved, but not in the way I thought I would … I had simply accepted an event planning task in Manhattan when I understood that I may wish to go abroad and find my heritage once again. Within days a pop-up appeared on my computer screen promoting internships in Italy. It took one click on that link to make me understand exactly what I had to do.

A few weeks later on I was on my very first trip to Europe. When I arrived in Italy, I felt more at home than I have felt anywhere else in the world. In that moment, my path changed. I found that great meals can cost under 10 euro, an excellent coffee does not have to be longer than a shot of espresso, which it is possible to love every day of your life.

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